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Honduras Declares Preventive Alert for Heavy Rains

According to Honduran meteorological authorities, heavy rains are expected in the Comayagua, Montecillos, Puca Opalaca and Celaque mountains.

The Secretary of State in the Offices of National Risk and Contingency Management of the Honduran government reported on Thursday that it had decreed a preventive alert in 13 of its 18 departments due to the rains caused by a low pressure system that remains almost stationary.

The civil protection entity indicated that the alert will be maintained for the next 72 hours in Santa Bárbara, Ocotepeque, Intibucá, Lempira and Copán (west); La Paz Francisco Morazán and Comayagua (center), Cortés and Yoro (north), Atlántida (Caribbean), Choluteca and Valle (east).

According to specialists, a trough on the surface would connect both systems until they were located between central and western Honduras by next Friday afternoon, favoring the formation of vertically developing storm clouds, causing “moderate to strong showers, gusty winds and activity electricity,” added the institution.

According to meteorological authorities, rainfall of more than 100 millimeters per day is expected in the upper parts of the Comayagua, Montecillos, Puca Opalaca and Celaque mountains, which could cause “flash floods in streams and streams that flow” into the tributaries of the Ulúa river. , the largest in the Central American country.

The civil protection body predicted the incidence of “high waves” in the Caribbean Sea, up to a meter high, and in the Gulf of Fonseca (Pacific) of 1.8 meters, for which the Civil Defense called for the population to take the necessary precautions, especially to avoid landslides, subsidence and floods.

Likewise, the Honduran institution requested extreme caution from those who work in deep waters in shallow-draft vessels, as well as not crossing rivers, streams and fords with high levels of growth.

At the close, the National Center for Atmospheric, Oceanographic and Seismic Studies (Cenaos) reported the existence of another system organized throughout the Caribbean Sea, north of the department of Colón, in the country’s Caribbean. The green alert in Honduras means that the behavior of the phenomenon that may result in a disaster must be followed.