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Honduran Armed Forces Ratify Commitment to Democracy

“Those who want to carry out a coup, do not involve the Armed Forces,” Vice Admiral Fortin said.

On Thursday, Vice Admiral Jorge Fortin, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Honduran Armed Forces, criticized the attitude of some Hondurans who seek to destabilize the administration of President Xiomara Castro.

During the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the airborne infantry battalion, Fortin made it clear that coups and human rights violations are “issues of the past.”

“Never put us in the same bag. Those who want to carry out a coup, do not involve the Armed Forces,” he said, recalling that “Xiomara Castro is the Commander of the Armed Forces. The laws say so.”

Fortin will leave command on December 20th. During the remaining three months as Commander, he will continue to promote projects for the benefit of his country.

“There is so much to do. The Armed Forces are owed to the Honduran people and that is why we continue working,” he said.

On Thursday, Fortin led the closure of the 27th promotion of the Specialized Troops in Jungle and Night Operations (TESON) and ratified the current orientation of the Honduran military.

“This promotion has come to work. It has not come to think about coups, human rights violations or rupture of the Armed Forces law. There is only desire and will to do things well. A clear message to future generations who must come to work: Forget about coups,” Fortin stressed.

Vice Admiral Fortin was born in Tegucigalpa in 1966 and completed his secondary studies at the Salesiano San Miguel Institute. After concluding his military training, he attended the National Autonomous University of Honduras where he graduated in business administration.