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President Cortizo hospitalized overnight

President Laurentino Cortizo suffered a “slight dizziness” on Tuesday, June 13, and spent the night hospitalized and is stable, the Presidency reported Wednesday morning.

It was not communicated which hospital the president is in and who the doctor who examined him was, but the Presidency indicates that at noon, Cortizo will be able to resume “his usual schedule.”

Cortizo had dizziness on Tuesday night and it was his personal doctor (whose name the Presidency does not specify) who recommended that he be evaluated by his cardiologist at the hospital. Once there, it was considered prudent to keep him “under observation” and carry out the “corresponding” tests, which yielded satisfactory results.

One year ago, exactly, Cortizo was diagnosed with intermediate-risk myelodysplastic syndrome and since then he has been treated by specialists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, Texas, United States. The last time was a month ago.

On May 24, he returned to the country and the Presidency reported that Cortizo was responding very well to the treatment for myelodysplasia: the doctors had found an increase in hemoglobin levels to normal values, the bone marrow analysis is consistent with a remission complete and a follow-up appointment was scheduled in the next six months.

Yesterday before feeling the discomfort, Cortizo participated in the disaster drill and received the Veraguas children’s team at the Presidency that was crowned champion of the XLVII National Children’s Baseball Tournament 2023 and that will represent Panama in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania reports La Prensa.

He also participated in a “follow-up” cabinet, with the ministers of Housing, Public Works, and Health, among others.

Last Sunday, he went to vote at the Richard Neumann school, with his wife Yazmín, in the primaries of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), in which Vice President, José Gabriel Carrizo, won the group’s presidential candidacy, in May of 2024.