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Panama suspends electrical energy exports

The Electrical Transmission Company ( Etesa ) reported that since May 10 it has suspended the export of electrical energy from Panama to Central American countries.

The measure was taken due to the lack of rain registered at the national level, the situation has a strong negative impact on hydroelectric plants.

They also took into account the arrival of the El Niño phenomenon and in this way guarantee that the generation of electrical energy is used for internal consumption in the face of any climatic emergency.

Carlos Mosquera, general manager of Etesa, said that they are working on a plan of measures to be taken in the event that the effects of the El Niño phenomenon have a strong impact on hydroelectric plants or power generation reservoirs.

The first step in the plan that has already been taken and is the cancellation of energy exports. The second emergency measure would be massive campaigns to measure the population’s conscious use of energy.

They also take into account the variation in working hours for both the private company and the government.