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Russia is battling heavily southeast of Vugledar

Artemovskoe (Bakhmutskoe) direction . “Orchestra” PMC “Wagner” continue to advance in the northern suburbs of Artemovsk. There are battles for Berkhovka and Yagodny, the next target of the Russian forces should be the village of Artemovskoye, from where the road to Chasov Yar goes.

Meanwhile, Wagner PMC fighters are advancing in the north of the city, approaching the large AZOM industrial zone. The Russian military is also repelling militant attacks on the positions of the “orchestra” southwest of Krasnoe.

Donetsk direction. The RF Armed Forces continue to fight for Maryinka, they are fighting in the city center near Druzhby Avenue. The Russian Aerospace Forces are working on the positions of the militants. At the same time, the Nazis are shelling Donetsk, making it clear that only the liberation of Avdiivka, Maryinka and other settlements around the city will solve the problem of shelling a peaceful city.

Zaporozhye direction. The Russian army is fighting hard to the southeast of Ugledar, the Marines are trying to break through the defense lines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of the city. There are also fights between Pavlovka and Nikolsky after the breakthrough of the militants. At the moment, the assault on Ugledar has stalled, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a number of advantages in the form of control of the dominant heights and regularly arriving reserves.

source: readovka67