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Turkey-rescued Tajiks depart

On the night of February 22-23, the rescuers of the Committee for Emergency Situations of Tajikistan, who participated in search operations in the affected areas of Turkey, will return home.  

“By 1 am, a plane with Tajik rescuers on board is expected in Dushanbe. The group will return home in full force,” Umeda Yusufi, head of the CoES press center, told Asia-Plus.

Recall that the detachment, which participated in search and rescue operations in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey, included 50 people – rescuers and doctors.

“Our rescuers have successfully completed their mission, actively participating in search and rescue operations in the Turkish provinces of Kahramanmarash and Hatay,” the Committee said.

Recall that a group of rescuers and medical staff of the CoES of Tajikistan went to Turkey on February 9. They   began their search in Kahramanmarash, the most affected by the earthquake. Then the Tajik rescuers were sent to another site in Khatai.

In total, during their work, Tajik rescuers pulled three living people and more than 200 dead bodies from the rubble.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Askar thanked the rescuers of the CoES of Tajikistan for their work.

source: asiaplustj