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Costa Rica Police Find 200kg of Cocaine in Ship’s Engine Room

Authorities have discovered 200kg of cocaine in the engine room of a vessel at the port of Moin in Costa Rica.

The EFE news agency said drug control police seized the drugs on Monday at the Gaston Kogan terminal.

The vessel has not been named, but it is believed to be a container ship.

It had arrived from Colombia and was bound for Antwerp in Belgium.

The ministry of public security said the find was made after analysis and profiling work led to a “review” of the ship.

“After an exhaustive inspection of the ship by the officers, eight packages containing the drugs were located, which were hidden in the engine room,” the ministry said in a statement.

Authorities have not yet made any arrests, but an investigation has been opened.

This is the second drugs discovery at the terminal in recent months.

In August, authorities seized 462kg of cocaine on a ship destined for Portugal.

Anti-smuggling effort to be expanded

These raids are part of the country’s Operation Sovereignty, aimed at tackling drugs smuggling.

The police presence has been increased and scanners are being used at Moin.

This effort will be expanded to other ports.

In 2022, Costa Rican police found a total of 9.5 tonnes of cocaine in eight containers.

The year before, the total was 16.1 tonnes in 19 boxes.

So far this year, 4.9 tonnes have been found in five containers.

Source : Tradewindsnews