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New Art Exhibits in Panama City Feature Local Talent

Three new art exhibits are opening to the public Friday, December 8th at the Panama City Center for the Arts.

There will be a reception at 5 p.m. for visitors interested in seeing the art up close, and artists will be in attendance to talk about their work.

The main gallery art on display features a competition between a few artists. 

Judges will decide on a winner and hand out awards.

The pieces throughout the Center feature a blend of both local and regional art.

Event organizers say featuring local art is important as it helps shine a spotlight on some of the local talent in Panama City.

“I have just witnessed a real creative bloom since Hurricane Michael even. The amount of artists and the level of artists we have in our town is just something very special,” said Bay Arts Alliance Executive Director Jayson Kretzer. “That’s why we’re always trying to take advantage of that art in the sense of putting it out there for people to see.”

The main gallery will be on display until January 13th, 2024, while the other two will be around until January 6th of the same year.

It is free to visit the Center for the Arts, and it’s open to the public from Tuesday through Saturday.

Source : Mypanhandle