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Honduras to Participate in Shanghai Imports Fair

Honduras will participate in the next imports fair, to be held from next November 5th to 10th in Shanghai, in which it will work on developing investments and tourism.

Minister of Economic Development Fredis Cerrato stated that Honduras will exhibit about 30 companies with their respective products. “What we hope is that they sign contracts and from that moment on the prices, quantities, and frequency with which they are sold and exported to China will be established,” the official said in statements to the Honduran television.

For his part, the Minister of Investment Promotion, Miguel Medina, said that President Xiomara Castro ordered establishing rapprochements and agreements with four essential areas linked to manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and energy sectors.

“We are Looking for companies among the many that have visited that are interested in bringing (products) to Honduras; there are four large companies that are very interested and have already bought land, they have people working to install their factories, and that is part of the support that they are going to give us in this trip,” he said.

Honduras will attend the event as a country guest of honor. According to the authorities, among the items to be promoted are tobacco, shrimp, coffee and cocoa.

Tegucigalpa and Beijing established diplomatic relations in March of this year, after Honduras broke its ties with Taiwan and recognized the one-China principle.

The Honduran president, Xiomara Castro, made an official visit to China last June with a government delegation at the invitation of President Xi Jinping.

Source : Plenglish