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Costa Rica and Honduras to Solve Migration Crisis

Security Ministers, Deputy Foreign Ministers and migration directors of Costa Rica and Honduras will hold a meeting to seek ways to solve the entry and exit crisis between both nations.

Since the 10th of October last, Costa Rica has requested consular visas for Honduran citizens to enter the country as a matter of national security and as a result of the occurrence of various situations in ports and airports.

President Rodrigo Chaves argued that the measure was caused by Honduran citizens engaging in contract killings in Costa Rica. In fact, they had evidence of the actions of a former Honduran military officer who carried out actions of this type in Costa Rica.

The immediate measure was requesting visas, which Honduras reciprocated, leading to several situations on the border, especially in the transfer of goods and trade in the region.

The official statement from the presidency indicates that the purpose of the meeting is to find solutions to the issue of the reciprocal imposition of entry visas, both by land and air.

The Presidencies of Costa Rica and Honduras held a telephone conversation on Monday and agreed to a meeting with the participation of the security ministers, Deputy Foreign Ministers and directors of migration.

The statement emphasizes that this is in the context of safeguarding security, the flow of people and binational trade, and specifies that the telephone conversation between the Presidencies took place within the context of the relations of brotherly Central American countries.

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