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NBA Player Reggie Bullock Purchases $2M Private Island In Belize To Build Generational Wealth

NBA player Reggie Bullock acquired an island with the goal of building generational wealth.

During an interview on the podcast, “Funky Friday with Cam Newton,” Bullock revealed he purchased a private island in Belize for $2 million. He stumbled upon the land on YouTube, and he felt it would be the right business move.

“I found Belize off YouTube,” the Houston Rockets small forward told Newton. “When you getting funds from our profession and what we doing, it’s like, ‘What I’m going to do with it?’ And one of my main things, it was just more about generational wealth for me. It was a project that I felt like I should jump on, and it’s never really been done before. But I was all up for the challenge for it.”

Bullock sent some of his family to visit the island, and they didn’t entirely see the vision. Bullock personally surveyed the property during the All-Star break, likely in 2022, per Basketball Network. It was then that he identified various opportunities, one of which included a family vacation spot.

“I saw the property and I was like, ‘Okay, this is it.’ You know what I’m saying? I know what I can do with this,” he explained to Newton. “I mean, all the islands around there is doing some of the same things, and I’m going to go spend my money every time on a vacation spot for my family. So, why can’t I have a space for me to be able to rent out and enjoy it with family.”

According to Basketball Network, Bullock also plans to build a mansion, multiple villas, and more establishments in the future.

“It’s a space that I can’t wait to be able to just sit back and enjoy it with my family and see all the hard work that it’s taken now to actually see this come,” he shared. “When I am 40, 50 years old we’ll always have a pad that we can all call home. So, that was my main thing going in.”

Source : Yahoo News