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Concacaf launches Bigger Game Program in Costa Rica ahead of 2024 Women’s Gold Cup

A promising future for women’s football unfolds as Concacaf launches the transformative Bigger Game program at the Costa Rican Football Federation (FCRF). The initiative seeks to bolster the forthcoming 2024 Women’s Gold Cup by fostering football festivals for girls throughout the region.

The launch comprised an enriching workshop for budding women’s football instructors, featuring participants who are active players in the national tournament, followed by a festival attended by 125 young girls representing various clubs across Costa Rica.

Elieth Artavia of FCRF’s Development Unit remarked, “We are very excited because the work that has been done in development in the minor categories has been seen in the area and they see us as an example country of how women’s soccer really develops. That is why Concacaf is committed to launching this program with us.”

A highlight of the launch was the interaction between workshop instructors and young participants, showcasing the creation of a supportive community and the sharing of essential values.

In addition to the coaches’ education workshop and festival, Concacaf facilitated two generous sets of equipment donations to local girls’ clubs, Dimas Escanzu and CODEA. The Football Festival was a 2-hour session and included refreshments and boxed lunches.

“The Bigger Game program showcases Concacaf’s commitment to growing women’s football in the region. We are investing in the future and creating opportunities for young girls to shine both on and off the field. Costa Rica’s vibrant football community is ideal for this transformative journey,” said Janelle Prieto, Senior Manager of Social Responsibility and Corporate Communications at Concacaf.

Concacaf facilitated donations of vital sports equipment, including balls, vests, and discs, which were employed during the festival and subsequently distributed among the participating clubs.

The historical debut of the Women’s Gold Cup in February 2024 demonstrates the progressive strides made by Concacaf and epitomizes the ascension of women’s football in the region. The Bigger Game program symbolizes hope and growth, representing a continuous effort to build a brighter, inclusive future for women’s football.