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Panama to Have Trees Taken Down for Safety Concerns

A few trees with the potential to fall are causing some safety concerns in Panama.

Harmony’s Highway Superintendent Brian Manwaring has identified two trees that need to be taken down because of safety concerns and risks. One tree is on South Street and is near the road.

“It’s a big maple that’s dead and things are falling out of it,” Mayor William Schneider said. “If the sidewalk had been extended like it was supposed to or at one time had been, it sits right in the middle of the sidewalk. So, it’s well within the right of way of the roadway and is going to cause major problems if it comes down.”

A tree in front of the house on the property has been taken down already and the board was not sure if this was the same tree or not. The second tree is on East Main Street that is in a gray zone area but it is dead and is leaning towards the road.

“Our main concern is always going to be the safety of the public with the sidewalks,” Schneider said.

Schneider added that the two trees together will be $1800 to $2000 to take down. The board currently has $4000 budgeted this year for tree removal and a few trees have already been removed by the village this year. The board discussed working with property owners about splitting the cost to remove trees. There was also a question of where the line goes as to where it becomes a problem for the village versus the owner. Village Trustee Todd Eddy said for the town it used to be 25 feet from the center of the road. The line is currently dictated to the village by the state as to how far away the tree is from the road before it becomes a village concern.

Also discussed was the potential of warning the property owners that the tree has become a hazard and could fall, asking them to do something about it. The village board is also looking into getting the tree maintenance grant approved in the next round to be able to help with costs.

In other news:

Christmas in Panama plans have been going well. The village has a Santa set up with cocoa and carriage rides. It is planned to have each person who has a table set up at the event pay $15 per table. The event is set for Nov. 18.

The garbage contract is to be static throughout the year. The village has also confirmed that garbage pickup can be for any facility with four or less units per contract with the garbage company.

The village is down a person for running the snow plow for the village sidewalks following a car accident and may end up needing to advertise to find someone.

Trick-or-Treat hours are set for 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Halloween.

The next board meeting has been pushed back a week for Nov. 14 due to upcoming elections.

Source : Post Journal