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Honduras: the Export of Eight Agricultural Products to the US Fell During August

Only shipments of colored chili peppers, okra and eggplant had an increase in the seventh and eighth months of the year, according to the Market Intelligence report prepared by USAID, the CNI and the SAG.

For the second consecutive month, exports of most fresh fruits and vegetables to the United States of America report a drop.

Of 11 products that are sent from Honduras to the North American nation, only sales of colored chili peppers, okra and eggplant continue to rise, according to the Market Intelligence report “Agricultural Export 2023”, to which EL had access HERALD.

Exports of both vegetables and fruits reached 441,900 tons at the end of last August, representing just a 3% increase in the total volume of shipments in relation to July.

The monthly report is prepared by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in conjunction with the National Investment Council (CNI) as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).


A growth of 81.74% was recorded in exports of colored chili peppers, which are equivalent to 8.4 million kilograms, with Honduras being the third largest exporter of this product to the USA.

Although it is the second nation from which the most okra comes, the volume of shipments increased by 16.9 million kilograms (23.55%).

In the case of eggplant, 7.8 million kilograms were exported from Honduran territory, a 2.18% increase, occupying the position of second country that sells the most this fruit destined for US soil.

However, there are products that decreased their shipments, with pumpkin being the one that had the most impact as its export was reduced by 24.15% and in volume it represented 7.1 million kilograms. The Persian lemon also showed a decrease as it was no longer shipped above 2.1 million kilograms (13.87%). Honduras is the fourth largest banana exporter to the world power, but sales decreased by 4.91%, equivalent to almost 246 million kilograms.

On the other hand, exports of agricultural products in the first half of 2023 reached 592.1 million dollars, representing an increase of 76.1 million dollars (14.7%) in relation to the same period in 2022, according to data from the Central Bank of Honduras. (BCH).

Although income from shipments of bananas rose by 83 million dollars, there was a drop in exports of vegetables, legumes and other vegetables of 10.1 million dollars.

Profits from the marketing of pineapple abroad were reduced by $4.3 million and by $2.2 million in terms of melons and watermelons.