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Peace Corps Re-Establishes Program in El Salvador

Today, Peace Corps Director Carol Spahn, in collaboration with the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador Alexandra Hill Tinoco, and the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador William Duncan, proudly announced the re-establishment of Peace Corps operations in El Salvador.

A signing ceremony held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was marked by optimism and determination as the two nations reaffirmed their commitment to world peace and friendship. “The Salvadoran community has opened its hearts and homes to Peace Corps Volunteers and have not only been partners in grassroots initiatives but have also forged deep and lasting friendships,” expressed Peace Corps Director Carol Spahn. “This moment heralds a new chapter and we’re excited to renew our partnership with the people of El Salvador.”

More than 2,300 Peace Corps Volunteers have supported community and youth development projects across El Salvador since 1962. Under the new agreement, Peace Corps is committed to working with the Government of El Salvador to develop a program that supports community economic development, education, and youth initiatives. 

Program re-establishment will engage development partners, non-governmental organizations, international volunteer organizations, service providers and vendors, local Peace Corps staff, and community members. Peace Corps Volunteers will also be equipped with cultural, language, and technical training to prepare them for their two-year assignments. 

“Today we mark the re-establishment of the Peace Corps in El Salvador and our renewed commitment to a shared vision of community enhancement and sustainable growth,” said U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador William Duncan. “The bond between our nations is both historic and dynamic. I am deeply honored to witness this signing and support a new era of collaboration. Together, we’ll build upon past successes and chart a path forward filled with hope, progress, and mutual respect.”

Partnership between the Peace Corps and the Salvadoran people stretches back over 60 years. Peace Corps Volunteers have been a testament to the enduring bond between the two nations.