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Costa Rica Pineapple Contender for Global Sustainability Award

In a commendable achievement for Costa Rican agriculture, the Del Monte Zero™ pineapple from Fresh Del Monte has captured the world’s attention. Grown exclusively in the heart of our nation, this pineapple has risen to prominence for being a finalist in the World Sustainability Awards 2023, scheduled for October in Amsterdam.

Presented by Sustainability Leaders, a renowned global network dedicated to the development of sustainable practices in occupational safety and the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sectors, the award shines a spotlight on revolutionary efforts that drive worldwide sustainability. Fresh Del Monte’s pineapple is in the running in the New Launch category. This particular segment applauds innovative products or services unveiled in the past year that pledge an instantaneous positive societal impact.

Michael Calderón, Fresh Del Monte’s spokesperson, expressed his pride and insights into this groundbreaking product, “We unveiled the Del Monte Zero™ pineapple at the close of 2022 and made it available in select North American and European markets by early 2023. Our vision was lucid: to instill a sustainable mindset among our consumers and motivate them to favor eco-friendly commodities. This nomination is a testament to Fresh Del Monte’s unwavering commitment to this vision.”

But what makes the Del Monte Zero™ pineapple truly unique? It is the world’s first pineapple to receive a carbon neutrality certification. This noteworthy accolade signifies a harmonious equilibrium between emitted greenhouse gases and proactive endeavors, like offsetting and minimizing the carbon footprint, culminating in a net-zero carbon release.

Achieving this certification wasn’t an isolated effort. It involved an integrated approach, from the transportation fleet’s meticulous management to rigorous monitoring of emissions. Most significantly, Fresh Del Monte’s ownership of over 9,000 hectares of Costa Rican forest plays a pivotal role. This sprawling forest, housing around 5 million trees, is a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental conservation, facilitating the pineapple’s zero-carbon footprint.

Esteemed global entity SCS Global Services acknowledged these contributions by granting the certification. Calderón elaborated on the company’s pioneering approach, emphasizing, “We’re harnessing nature-based solutions. Contrary to the norm of purchasing carbon credits, our method ensures continuous verification. Our dedicated team at Fresh Del Monte consistently oversees and certifies our forests to guarantee our carbon neutral status.”

In addition to this recognition, Fresh Del Monte’s commitment to the environment has been further acknowledged with the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Award in the Environmental Initiative segment. This accolade celebrates global companies and leaders that not only voice, but also action sustainable measures, leaving an enduring positive imprint on our planet.

A shining example of such initiatives is Fresh Del Monte’s drive in curtailing greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 22.64% across its agricultural supply chain. Spearheading this are six newly integrated fuel-efficient vessels and the incorporation of renewable solar and wind energy installations, both in California and right here in Costa Rica.

For Costa Rica, the global acclaim of Del Monte Zero™ pineapple isn’t only simply a reflection to Fresh Del Monte’s vision and dedication, but also a resounding affirmation of our nation’s strides in championing sustainable practices on the world stage