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Teachers in Central America acquire security tools to face communicational violence

Thanks to funding from the International Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC), the University for Peace (UPAZ) successfully concluded its online certification program aimed at communication faculty in Central America.

The program focused on the physical, psychological, and digital security of those practicing journalism in the region, with the goal of providing the necessary tools and knowledge to confront the violence that journalists face daily.

The certification program aimed to provide teachers of communication careers in Central America with the theoretical and practical foundations to integrate topics related to security and protection into their classes. The program had a special focus on raising awareness about violence against journalists in the region in order to equip professionals with the tools to overcome the challenges they encounter.

A total of 26 participants from various universities in Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, and Guatemala took part in this program. As part of their final work, they created a class model that incorporated the topics addressed in the certification, allowing them to apply the knowledge acquired in a pedagogical context.

The participants plan to recommend the materials provided by the program in their classes, thereby enriching the education of future communication professionals in Central America.

We are proud to have collaborated with the University for Peace in the implementation of this important certification program in security for communication professors in Central America. Violence against journalists is a concerning reality in the region, and providing teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to address these issues in their classes is a fundamental step towards safer and more robust journalism.

Alexander Leicht, Director of UNESCO San José

The culmination of the security certification program, sponsored by UNESCO and carried out by the University for Peace, represents a significant step towards a future where communicators can practice their profession safely and fearlessly.

Source: UNESCO