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Ukraine Returned More Territories in a Month Than Russia Seized in a Year

In a month of counter-offensive operations, the Ukrainian military was able to return more territories than the Russian occupiers captured in a year.

Moore said he was “optimistic” about Ukraine’s victory in the war against Russia, whose forces have lost momentum on the battlefield.

He noted that Ukraine returned more territory in a month than the Russians were able to capture in a year. In his opinion, there is little chance that Russian troops will resume the pace.

The head of British intelligence is sure that it is Ukraine that should “determine” the end of the war, because, according to him, most conflicts end with certain negotiations.

Ukrainian counteroffensive

Some of Ukraine’s allies have said that the UAF’s counteroffensive is progressing more slowly than expected.

The US National Security Council reported that the Russians had been building several lines of defense in the occupied territory of Ukraine for many months . Therefore, this slows down the advance of Ukrainian troops.

In addition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, said that he was annoyed by comments about the “slow” counteroffensive , because every meter is given to our defenders with blood.

The commander of the Ground Forces, Alexander Syrsky, also noted that all Ukrainians expect quick results from the counteroffensive , but this is impossible.

We add that over the past week, Ukrainian defenders liberated almost 18 sq. km of territories in the east and south .

Source : RBC