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US Imports T-Shirts of $2.5 Bn in Jan-apr 2023, Nicaragua Top Supplier

The United States imported T-shirts of $2,538.634 million during January-April 2023. Nicaragua was the top supplier of the product, supplying T-shirts valued at $277.628 million during the period.

The other top suppliers of T-shirts to the US were Honduras, China, Bangladesh and Guatemala. The imports from Honduras were valued at $247.470 million (9.75%), China $202.044 million (7.96%), Bangladesh $183.931 million (7.25%), and Guatemala $172.931 million (6.81%), as per an analysis on trade data of Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro.

The top five countries together accounted for more than 50 per cent of US imports of T-shirts during the four-month period.

The imports from other suppliers were valued as: Vietnam $168.279 million (6.63%), El Salvador $160.259 million (6.31%), Mexico $148.042 million (5.83%), Haiti $139.145 million (5.48%) and India $137.326 million (5.41%).

Region wise distribution of the imports indicated that Central & South America dominated the trade. The imports from the region were valued at $1,224.573 million in the first four months of the current year. It constituted 48.24 per cent of the total imports.

The imports from other regions were: Asia-Pacific $912.288 million (35.94%), North America $151.866 (5.98%), Africa $99.302 (3.91%), Middle East $94.754 (3.73%) and Europe $55.849 (2.20%), as per TexPro.