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Advancing Rights in Costa Rica: Bill for Trans and Gender-Diverse Recognition

Frente Amplio deputy, Priscilla Vindas, presented bill 23.809, Law for the recognition of trans, non-binary, gender-diverse, and intersex identities, to the Legislative Assembly.

According to Vindas, the initiative will ensure that the State guarantees these populations access to education, health, housing, and employment.

Particularly regarding employment, a reform is proposed to force public institutions to reserve up to 3% of their spots to hire people from the LGTBIQ+ community.

“This bill seeks to recognize those populations that have been invisible for many years and to whom the State is deeply indebted,” Vindas pointed out.

Additionally, the project includes the possibility of changing the sex assigned at birth and the interpretation of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) that requires these people to choose between one gender.

The initiative would also make the National Children’s Board (PANI) responsible for promoting public policies to protect minors who suffer violence or discrimination because of their gender identity, as well as providing psychosocial support and creating shelters, which would also be the responsibility of the municipalities.

“It is essential that these populations do not continue to be harmed and discriminated against and that they can be guaranteed access to health, housing, education, and employment. We must begin to move forward as an inclusive society that truly respects all people equally, and this project will bring us one step closer to that society,” pointed out legislator Vindas.

The proposal also allows minors to request these changes. If their parents or legal guardians do not agree, the bill states that the person should be referred to the PANI, which, accompanied by human rights organizations, will explain the legal implications of the change.


Congress representatives of the New Republic parties have already announced an all-out war against the project that allows children under 12 years of age should be able to choose to modify their sex.

They described the project as “perverse” and “destructive.”

“At a time when the country is urging projects to lower the debt and improve the quality of life, they propose a bill so that children under 12 years old can choose, with or without the consent of their parents, to change their sex and their registered sex. Frente Amplio, a political party born to destroy the family and Costa Rica,” stated Nueva República legislator Pablo Sibaja.

Leslye Bojorges, PUSC representative, commented on the project and voiced his opposition.

“If the Frente Amplio’s bill succeeds, a 12-year-old boy or girl will be able to change his or her registered sex even without the consent of his or her parents. I am totally opposed to this project. Costa Ricans, you can count on this deputy to fight, with all my strength, for this file to be shelved,” he said.

On the other hand, Alfredo Pacheco, PUSC party leader, stated, “you have to wait until you are 18 to drive a vehicle; how can you possibly make such a transcendental decision when you are a minor.”

Source : Ticotimes