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Guatemala Women Address Gender Equality in EFE Forum

Gender equality, financial inclusion and the challenges women face were central themes of a forum held Wednesday in Guatemala City, kicking off commemorative events to mark 50 years of EFE in Central America.

The discussion, titled “For a Real Commitment to Inclusion,” was attended by three businesswomen, a United Nations representative and a local official, and moderated by EFE’s Director of Strategy Soledad Álvarez.

“EFE decided to discuss in this space the issue of equality and the development of women in the region, as it is a transcendental issue,” said Álvarez at the Cultural Center of Spain in the center of the capital.

In her speech, Central America Frontline Marketing Director of Coca-Cola, Mariela López, highlighted the expansion of opportunities for women within her company.

“We have worked to accelerate the participation of women (…) and fifty percent of the company’s workers globally are women,” said López.

Also participating were Presidential Secretary for Women’s Affairs of Guatemala Ana Aguilar; UN Women representative Moni Pizzini; Telma Sevilla, assistant manager of special projects for the financial entity Ficohsa, and Claudia Ronquillo, master brewer of the Central American Brewery.

Pizzini assured that financial inclusion programs for women were a priority in Guatemala because “economic independence can allow them a life free of violence.”

Regarding economic independence, Ficohsa is developing “comprehensive packages to give space within the financial sector” to women and “so that they can formalize their businesses,” said Sevilla.

The conversation was part of the beginning of the celebrations of EFE in Guatemala and will continue with a photography exhibition, called “Central America, 50 years in 50 images,” until July 1.

Aguilar asserted that public action efforts in the Central American nation are focused on “structural” issues and on ensuring the social protection of women.

She said that violence against women is a systematic problem in Guatemala and that the current administration has sought to close gaps.

In 2022, the Public Ministry (Prosecutor’s Office) received 45,000 complaints of crimes against women, the most committed type of crime in the country, according to official data.

To achieve the development goals for women, “the greatest political will” is needed, Aguilar said.

Similarly, Ronquillo pointed out that for women in the country the first challenge is “to make their voice valued and heard.”

EFE in Central America began as ACAN-EFE (Agencia Centroamericana de Noticias-EFE), a regional news agency that was born in Panama in 1972 through the creation of a company which was joined by the most important media agencies of each Central American country.

ACAN-EFE ceased to exist as a company in 2006, but continued to operate with the same name and way of working, which is currently maintained, although now under the initials of EFE.

EFE is considered the world’s main news agency in Spanish and the celebration of its 50 years in Central America began in November in Panama. EFE

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