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Voices From the Coast Book Celebrates Nicaragua’s Caribbean Culture

Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast region is famous for its multiethnic character, beautiful landscapes and delicious seafood. Over the years I had the opportunity to visit this unique region many times in my capacity as communications officer at the UK Embassy. It is definitely one of the most fascinating regions of Nicaragua.

It is a pleasure to announce the launch of an e-book version of the second edition of the book Voices From the Coast. The book is a celebration of the creativity of children from Nicaragua‘s South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region.

The original stories and drawings contained in the two editions of the book were created by elementary school children from Nicaragua’s Southern Caribbean Coast region including the towns of Bluefields, El Bluff, Pearl Lagoon and Rama Cay.

Both editions of Voices from the Coast were sponsored by the British Embassy in Costa Rica and the Coen Foundation with support from La Prensa newspaper.

Thanks to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education of that time period, the book was distributed to 342 school libraries across Nicaragua. The children’s website of Prince Charles featured several of the stories and drawings featured in Voices from the Coast. Former Nicaraguan Ambassador to the UK Piero Coen, personally purchased 300 copies.

Hopefully, those who read and enjoy this special book will be inspired to protect, promote and value the cultural diversity of this unique part of Nicaragua.

To celebrate World Book Day on April 23 the Bluefields Historical Museum will be hosting a story reading event in which selected works from Voices from the Coast will be presented. The public is invited to follow the event on facebook.

Source: Tico Times