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1.7 million somoni damaged GBAO energy assets

As a result of a natural disaster in GBAO, energy facilities in the region suffered damage in the amount of 1.7 million somoni. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic Sorbon Kholmuhammadzoda at a meeting with the Prime Minister of the country Kokhir Rasulzoda. in GBAO as part of the aftermath of a natural disaster.

According to the press service of the GBAO Hukumat, Kholmuhammadzoda also added that, despite the timely elimination of the consequences of accidents and the provision of electricity to the inhabitants of the region, repeated avalanches in some areas of the region lead to power outages.

“Liquidation of the consequences of the disaster and accidents on power grids continues,” he said.

At the meeting, it was announced that the State Agency for Material Resources under the government of the republic was instructed to allocate 10 tons of diesel fuel for the Ministry of Transport and 5 tons of diesel fuel, according to the districts of the region.

“Keeping the roads of the region open is one of the top priorities for officials, because the closure of roads leads to an increase in prices for goods in the region,” the meeting noted.

In the same place, the chairman of the Committee for Architecture and Construction, Nizom Mirzozoda, was instructed to prepare a project for the restoration of the affected houses as soon as possible and submit it for approval.

A government delegation led by Kokhir Rasulzoda arrived in Khorog on February 20 , where 16 people died as a result of avalanches last week.

Recall that two more were buried under the snow in Vanj, and one died on the Dushanbe-Varzob road.

Financial assistance has been allocated from the Fund of the President of Tajikistan for families affected by avalanches in GBAO. Each family that has lost their loved ones is allocated 40,000 somoni for each victim of the disaster, and affected citizens will receive 10,000 somoni.

Elimination of the consequences of natural disasters in the region continues.

source: asiaplustj