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Leave ‘Thaksin’, pick a group, and defeat ‘Pitha’

Win an offensive game. Thaksin strikes a strategic vote. Choose one party 310+ The moment that Pita slips into the same war of ideas.

In an open corner, Thaksin arranged for the party to move forward as a coalition. But in strategic election campaigns , Phitha and the orange partisans are A more formidable competitor than 3 years old.

Thaksin Shinawatra or Tony Woodsome opens up about politics on the CareTalk show on Tuesday evening, February 21, 2023, proposing a needle aimed at overthrowing the dictatorship. “If people want to fight with senators, they must choose strategically.”

In fact, the meaning of the above words is to turn off the switch of senators by voting in the polling station. the far-reaching party used to raise slogans in campaigns before

In the past, Thaksin spoke many times in the care talk, stressing that the democratic parties must work together to form a government, but the latest Thaksin said that “People must choose strategically. Choose which party has the best chance of winning. has a high score to be the main party of the Democratic Party.”

This corresponds with Phumtham Wechayachai, Pheu Thai Party’s deputy leader , who proposed a campaign. “Must choose Pheu Thai to get 310+” to become a one-party government to solve the country’s crisis

Phumtham pointed out that “Do not let the scores fall into zero water. If the election votes are scattered, Prayuth will be prime minister because the senator has 250 votes.”

Simply put, vote strategically. Means choosing Pheu Thai, one party, no need to love brothers and sisters, go to choose the Kao Klai party and the Seri Ruam Thai party.

Thaksin  dreamed of the Thai Rak Thai Party’s past victories. who swept one party 377 votes, but that day, there was still no far-reaching party and a leader named Pita

At the end of 2021, the Pheu Thai Party and the Palang Pracharat Party agreed that Must amend the constitution to return to use “2 ballot papers”, 400 constituency MPs and 100 party-list MPs, like the 1997 constitution

In contrast to the Progressive Party who do not agree with the 2-card election system, because it is clear that the 2019 election, the Future Forward Party, fully benefits from a single card

As for Thaksin Shinawatra, he was delighted with the constitutional amendment on the electoral system, saying that 

“I am the product of the year 1997” is a rule for 2 cards, one area, one number. “Choose someone you love. Choose your favorite party.

No one denied that Thai Rak Thai Party won the 2005 election, got all MPs from the constituency system and a total of 377 votes, but that year Thaksin was acting Prime Minister have full power 

Above all, the Thai Rak Thai Party There is only one opposing party. The Democrat Party, unlike this year, has Kao Klai as a competitor in the same wing as Pheu Thai.

Having said that, there’s nothing complicated about the conflict in the Kao Klai Party between Pita and an outsider, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul. It’s a matter of intellectual ego.

Future Forward Party Era Some members of the group criticized that The party was dominated by the Politburo. consisting of Ek-Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit ,Tom-Chaitawat Tulathon and Ting-Sarayut Jailak

Three Comrades “Ek-Tom-Ting” are friends of the same generation of progressive activists. so let’s talk about it Different from Pok-Piyabutr Was moderately influenced by the ideas of the French leftist He therefore had clear political ideals and ideologies.

As for Tim- Pita Limcharoenrat, grandson of Padung Limcharoenrat A former close friend of Thaksin, so Tim went to work as a team in front of Somkid’s room. Jatusripitak, Deputy Prime Minister during the Thai Rak Thai government in 2003

Tim Phitha learned politics from his experience when he was helping the Thaksin government. which during that time Ek-Tom-Ting Still on the NGO side Handle hot issues about gas pipes and confronted the Thaksin government

Leaders of the Kao Lai Party and the Progressive Party They have different backgrounds and experiences in politics. the likelihood of ideological clashes within the party So it’s not strange.

Above all, the aforementioned controversy It made the far-reaching party have a slight distortion. But it’s not overturned, but this moment seems to be in the way of Pheu Thai. announced to be absent Choosing a single party

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