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Aksum Group, a new personal brand of international entrepreneur Ulugbekhon Maksumov, makes its loud debut in the region’s leading defence exhibition IDEX/NAVDEX 2023.

Aksum group is formed from Aksum Marine, an advanced maritime solutions provider with its headquarters in Umm Al Quwain, UAE and a branch in Uzbekistan and Aksum VPK, the largest armoured vehicles manufacturer in Uzbekistan with expansion plans in the UAE in the nearest future.

Aksum Marine is set to display four armoured and special purpose watercrafts at the event, with two armoured, one rescue RIB boat and one interceptor parked on water berths in Marine. All four are planned to be taking part in daily live demonstrations to impress the professionals in attendance.

Aksum VPK, in turn, is to present on stand one armoured commercial vehicle for private protection and two models of APC: MAX DS and MAX VDS, fully customisable and to participate in live demo sessions with MAX DS and a smaller APC MAX S.

“We made it to IDEX/ NAVDEX 2023 to finally be able to showcase our supreme class of engineering and advanced technical excellence. We manufacture exceptional products, which are absolutely unique,” said Maksumov.

Aksum Marine presents a new generation of armoured and special purpose boats featuring uncommon hull structure made from impact, corrosion and weather resistant, durable HDPE material.

Aksum VPK is leveraging the unique experience of its founder in the defence market to offer quality and reliability as a response to current market requirements in conflict-prone environments.

It is a new dawn for the Aksum Group of companies as the conglomerate brand continues to gain momentum. Aksum Marine factories can be visited in the UAE and Uzbekistan, whilst Aksum VPK for the time being, operates only from Uzbekistan but by beginning of 2024, it is set to launch production on the UAE turf as well.

Aksum Group of companies is a one stop-shop for supplying premium armored and special purpose products for African, Gulf and CIS countries with the blueprint to have strong footholds in European and American markets. The fact that Aksum Group carries out all the design, engineering and manufacturing operations in-house makes the overall production process time efficient.

For more information, visit stand CP-312 for Aksum VPK and on NAVDEX Marina for Aksum Marine.

source: khaleejtimes