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After closing Torkham Gate, Pakistan-Afghanistan Durand Line clashes

After the Taliban closed the main trading and border crossing points, the Torkham gate, the Islamic Emirate forces and Pakistborder guards engaged in a gun battle, ToloNews reported.

The people from both the border side started fighting in the top area.

“One of them belongs to Pakistan and another belongs to our Ministry of Defense,” said Karimullah Agha, an intelligence officer at the gate.

The closure of the gate caused problems for many people needing medical care abroad and their accompanying relatives. They called on the two sides to reach an agreement over reopening the gate.

“There should be pressure on Pakistan to allow the patients. There are two to three people that are accompanying the patients. Pakistan is not treating us well,” said Najibullah, a patient.

“Based on the agreement that is made between Afghanistan and Pakistan, between 100 to 150 people should be allowed to cross the gate,” said Abdul Malik Samsor, a patient.

This comes as the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment said that the closure of the gate affects the country.

According to ToloNews, the Taliban closed the door after Pakistan denied access to the Afghan patients to cross the gate. Meanwhile, Dawn reported that Afghan Taliban closed down the gate with Pakistan, accusing Islamabad of reneging on its commitments.

Even Dawn also said that Taliban commissioner at Torkham Maulavi Mohammad Siddique tweeted, “Pakistan has not abided by its commitments and so the gateway has been shut down on the directions of (our) leadership”.

He advised the

the people of Afghanistan to avoid travelling to the border crossing in eastern Nangarhar province

source: indiatimes